Do you need an entirely new website or just some strategic updates? Or perhaps your website has always been an afterthought, but you've never analyzed its design and performance against your company's goals and objectives. Maybe you even have your heart set on a new site and you're seeking a crystal-clear scope of work first. Either way, a website audit is a quick, inexpensive way to answer lingering questions and gain valuable insights into your web presence.


Website Audit

A qualitative, quantitative and narrative summary of your website weighed against your specific goals.


  • A quantitative analysis of your website across several categories, including structure, design, branding, responsiveness, content, apps, integrations, and search engine optimization.
  • Grading of 27 individual website elements.
  • Overall website score based on composite of individual grades.
  • A qualitative analysis of basic website analytics.
  • A narrative summary of your website's overall performance and how it stacks up against your company's goals.
  • A list of actionable recommendations, ordered by priority, for improving your website.

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