Principal + Chief Creative Strategist


Sarah Bodnar

As founder and dot connector at Bison Media, Sarah believes that our stories shape our world and we have no time to waste on the noise. Sarah has been accused of having a Californian palate and a New York mind. She considers both a compliment. 

Her expertise is developing custom communications strategies with a discerning creative flair for the unexpected. She makes salt from seawater and throws an axe for fun. 

Sarah's interest is simply feeding people and building topsoil, literally and metaphorically. She is co-founder of the local non-profit Good Farm Fund, and hosts a series of seasonal events at Farm to Table Mendocino.

Creative Team

Mischa Hedges | TrimTab Media
Video Production + Digital Storytelling

Ryan Milani
Search Engine Optimization + Google Adwords Specialist

Megan Katherine Swenson
Artist + Designer

Scarlett Trillia
Producer + Project Manager

Brian Klonoski
Digital Content Strategy + Photography

Jennifer Barbato  
Graphic Designer + Photographer

Michelle Noe
Graphic Designer + Web Developer