There are more than 2,400 B Corps in over 50 countries.

In 2017, we became one of them. We are extremely excited to be a Certified B Corp, even if we are just a tiny stone in the ocean of business. We are proud to be following the same rigorous social & environmental standards as some of our favorite companies like Patagonia, Dr. Bronner's, Badger, and Ben & Jerry's to earn this badge. View our B Impact Report to see our official scorecard.

Becoming a Certified B Corp is like drafting a roadmap for continued improvement; we are required to re-certify every two years and monitor our impact, both within the company and beyond. We have already gained valuable insight from the process and we look forward to how it will help deepen our awareness and inspire innovation. 

What is a B Corp?

We like to say that the B stands for badass. Because that's how we feel about the companies that are using business to forge solutions and "B the change" that the world needs so much right now. Technically, it stands for Benefit, to demonstrate that these companies do more than generate profit, they benefit people and the planet, too. We think it's simply the right thing, and should be every company's bottom line. But, for now, it's pretty badass that these companies are leading the way. Certification is granted by an independent third party organization called B Lab, which operates around the world. Check them out to learn more about B Corps & Benefit Corporations

Measuring our Impact

Each year, B Corps provide an Annual Sustainability Report to share their current initiatives, goals, and metrics. This provides accountability and transparency, and allows us to learn some amazing things about companies we respect and discover new ideas and inspiration. Scroll down to check out our 2016 Impact Report below. We also produce Annual Sustainability Reports for our clients, and we love to make inspiring data beautiful. Contact us if you are interested in our sustainability report services.

Local Ripples: Mendocino County B Corps

Our rural Northern California county is surprisingly home to one of the highest concentrations of B Corps! We are proud to call them neighbors, and to be part of the larger B Corp community around the world. These local companies, such as Fetzer Vineyards, North Coast Brewing Company, FloBeds, Harvest Market and Thanksgiving Coffee have shaped our community and inspired a culture of conscious business that continually raises the bar.

We are members of a local network of B Corps and we set up the Mendocino County B Corp Facebook group to help everyone stay connected.