Content Marketing... What's That?

We take a holistic approach to digital marketing, offering a comprehensive list of content services that work in concert with one another to form a powerful and nimble strategy tailored to your goals and objectives. This is known as content marketing.


For example, if we’re managing your social media effectively, then we’re creating content, ideas and campaigns that will be useful elsewhere, like in e-newsletters, blog posts and infographics — it’s all connected!


Why Content Marketing?

Ad Overload. People are inundated and exhausted by ads — upwards of 5,000 per day for the average consumer. Do you really want to limit your strategy to competing with that?

Incredible Value. Compared to traditional advertising, content marketing lets you pursue nuanced and creative campaigns with far fewer dollars and far more effectiveness.

Customers prefer content over ads. The numbers don't lie: 90% of Generations X, Y and Z like engaging with brands through content, and two-thirds trust branded content more than traditional advertising.

    Versatility. Some weeks it's better to focus on one type of content versus another. Plus, sticking to one or two platforms is never a good idea, and could be a recipe for disaster. 

    Expanded Reach. Don't limit your potential customers. Content marketing reaches your target audience wherever they are, with the type of content they crave most.

    It's fun! Instead of tricking customers with traditional ads, you get the opportunity to tell your story and demonstrate your value, which is what any good brand wants.


    Content Marketing Services

    These services are the foundation of any content marketing we do:


    Depending on your goals, we'll be executing strategy and campaigns across various platforms and channels:


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