The evolved creative agency

Less suits & cigarettes and more mid-day dance parties. We enjoy a great local beer at sunset, and like to start our days with sun salutations, lemon water, and tea.


We are a team of women + men who work well with women. We are intuitive. We ask great questions and we listen. We love change.

Honoring the creative

We choose work that brings us to life. We design our teams based on the unique needs of our clients and our passions & interests.

B the Change

We are proud to be a Certified B Corp, and to be part of a global community of companies who are redefining the bottom line.

The power of purpose

Our stories create our reality. We see our work as nothing less than weaving our collective future, creating the world we wish to inhabit.

A sense of place

We walk barefoot on the beach, we harvest huckleberries, nettles and wild mushrooms. We know our neighbors and volunteer for local events. We love where we live because we are surrounded by makers, doers, artists, and miles & miles of open land and sea.

Founder + CEO


Sarah Bodnar

As founder of Bison Media, Sarah believes that our stories shape our world and we have no time to waste on the noise. She has seen too many great companies and organizations shy away from marketing because they're so focused on doing upstanding work, while "marketing" is for everyone else. This amounts to a world where the best solutions are the best-kept secrets. It has become her mission to find and share real solutions to accelerate change. 

She coined the term "impact marketing" to describe Bison Media's specialized work with mission-driven companies and organizations; storytelling is the tool, impact is the goal. 

Sarah has a mind for results-driven strategy, an eye for detail, and a heart for change. She loves to be surrounded by innovators, visionaries, and trailblazers when not digging in her own seaside garden.

"Our company is a product of what I call 'The Sustainability Generation.' We were born into the harsh reality of all that was not managed sustainably on this earth, and we are tasked with finding solutions - fast. There is no other option. We cannot afford just to sustain the current trajectory. It won't work. We need a new design for living on this planet. Our clients are writing the blueprints to get us there every day."- Sarah Bodnar, Founder

Sarah received her B.A. in International Political Economy from the University of Puget Sound, and has broad experience studying and working in developing countries - from the dam projects of rural India, to the coffee fields of Ethiopia. She also has a Permaculture Design Certificate and loves to talk about stacking functions in all endeavors. Her life's mission is building topsoil, literally and metaphorically. She co-founded the non-profit Good Farm Fund, which provides direct support to local farms and ranches to help scale the regional food system and support equitable access to local food. 

Creative Team

We work with a fabulous group of writers, designers, strategists, filmmakers, photographers, artists, and programmers. We consider the specific needs of each project and assemble the right creative professionals to meet each clients' needs.


Heather Paulsen Consulting: B Corp Certification Specialist

Noe Designs: Graphic Design & Branding

Ryan Milani Consulting: Search Engine Marketing & SEO Specialist

TrimTab Media: Video Production & Storytelling